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We want you to be inspired & creative, but above all, we want you to have fun with this book!
Our aim is to make vegetarian, vegan, raw & gluten-free diets easy going, with lip-smacking recipes!
This book is designed to help you achieve a level of good health & energy
without having to take large daunting steps, or eating tasteless foods.

We will look at many different types of food, from raw to roasted to sprouting, from different parts of the world & what these foods can do for you on a nutritional level.

There is something for everybody in this book & we hope you enjoy the recipes, information & the tips within.
If you don't have the exact ingredient to hand, don't worry we encourage you to be creative, so we have made some suggestions to help you get around this.

There is no easy way to explain in a nutshell what this book is actually about, apart from good food, good vibes & our ethos! We sing & dance in the kitchen every single day! Richard will whip-out his pro drumsticks & bang out a solo on the pans, bowls, the lemon juicer, or whatever else is within arm's reach.
We believe that laughter & positive energy are so very important to preparing delicious food!
As a result of which the laughter emanating from our kitchen is often audible to all!
Again, we want you to have fun with this book :)

We hope that you enjoy prepping & cooking with us!


It is also a manual for healthy living where you will learn about; the benefits of
raw vs. cooked – chlorophyll – blood ph. –enzymes – fats – sprouting - & more!

  • Raw vs. cooked
  • Organic vs. commercial (photo of kirlian mushroom)
  • The importance of blood ph & what foods are acidifying & alkalizing
  • The importance of chlorophyll
  • What are Enzymes & why are they so important
  • How to sprout & grow your indoor greens
  • Home remedies
  • Good fats bad fats
  • How to make nut milks & creams
  • Some myths broken!
  • And for you non-believers a list of pertinent reading material at the end of this book which are packed with case studies.
  • Oh yes, & the recipes themselves!