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The recent refurbishment of Centro Punto de Luz was inspired by a mixture of traditional Andalucían architecture and materials, and ancient Arabic patterns and decorations.
Centro Punto de Luz is a purpose built complex including a main building and three small houses designed, on different levels, around an open central patio with a traditional Moorish sunken fountain.

Centro Punto de Luz


All rooms are single with en-suite bathroom and terrace and all are equipped with a desk with a salt crystal lamp. The décor is rustic with a touch of ethnic.

Core building

The heart of the core building is the Lake room which has a stunning view over Lake Viñuela and the Mediterranean Sea. The Lake room is used for meal times and also as an indoor area for yoga or any other group activities. In winter the room is heated with under-floor heating and a fire place. In a corner there is our juice bar that also serves the usual bar drinks and coffee.
Just outside the Lake room there is a large terrace where one can enjoy food outdoors or simply relax taking in the view.

Centro Punto de Luz

Work areas

At the centre there are four main areas for our guests to use: the Lake room, the central open patio, the yoga platform and the newly extended area around the swimming pool.
The Lake room is a fantastic spacious area for all indoor work. The room is extremely bright and can be used as yoga studio, workshop area, conference room or simply to socialize. The terrace just outside the Lake room can also be used for group work.
The central patio is really the heart of the property and with its relaxing water feature in the middle and beautiful natural terracotta tiles it is the perfect location for calm meditation or evening yoga practice.
The platform, located at the top of the land, is a secluded open space with tiled flooring; it's view is different from that of the Lake room and is perfect for morning yoga sessions with its spectacular view of the mountains and the rising sun.
The newly extended 48 square metre wooden platform will add yet another area to practise yoga or simply relax beside the swimming pool.

Centro Punto de Luz

Swimming pool

Our salt water swimming pool is always a favourite with our guests during the long Spanish summer and it is open for all the guest to use.
With a maximum depth of 1.50 the pool measures 12 metres by 7 meters.
The swimming pool is also a fantastic place to watch the sun set!


For the guests who arrive at the centre by car, there is free 24 hour parking available just outside the property but the last 100 meters of road is a good-condition dirk track.


Centro Punto de Luz

The Meals

Centro Punto de Luz is a vegetarian centre. Our food is lovingly prepared using only fresh, seasonal and locally grown ingredients (where possible from within Andalucía).
We try to buy most of our vegetables directly form a neighbouring farmer in order to get the freshest produce and support our local economy. All food is prepared using olive oil that comes from Periana (4 Km from us) and no other fats so commonly used in restaurants. We try to limit the use of dairy products and wheat in our dishes and instead have these foods as separate options and we are very lucky to be supplied with Chloe's delicious organic eggs.

Breakfast and lunch/brunch at the centre is normally light and fresh always includes a raw dish and is accompanied by lots of fresh fruit while dinner is a more substantial affair and always has a pudding at the end!
Our menus are carefully devised offering not only a balance of nutrients but an eclectic mix of raw, vegan, traditional Italian and Spanish cuisine.

In the kitchen are Richard and Marilud. Richard has attended a number of raw/living food courses, and together with Betty's nutritional qualifications our aim is to re energise and revitalise you.

During the day

At specific times the bar serves freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices and fresh coffee while tea, instant coffee, herbal infusions and snacks are available 24 hours a day for the guests to enjoy.
An honesty bar for alcoholic and soft drinks is also open 24 hours a day.

Centro Punto de Luz and the planet

At the centre we are extremely aware of the impact that every human activity has on the planet so we try our best to minimise our carbon foot print.

For the refurbishment of the centre as much local material as possible was used albayalde and where feasible old building material was recycled. Unfortunately, it was not always possible so we are committed to paying back our debt to the planet by planting more trees within the property and elsewhere.
Non-toxic products were used for the decoration of all the rooms and communal areas creating healthier indoor spaces.
As part of the refurbishment we also turned the swimming pool from chlorine into salt water in order to minimize the use of chemicals and create a more natural water environment.
Very soon, we hope to have all our needs for hot water taken care of by the sun which is so abundant in this land!

In our attempt to preserve the environment, we only use highly biodegradable cleaning products such as the ones marked by the European Eco-label eco-label , not just because they end up in our septic tank and in our land, but as sign of respect for the planet as a whole. While we carefully separate all waste for ordinary recycling, we also make sure that materials that are not accepted in main stream containers reach a proper recycling point called 'Punto Limpio', ('Clean Point').
All organic matter is instead, recycled directly at the centre on our compost heap.
Even in the office we are doing our best to minimize waste, recycle and use sustainable office supplies dinamo-papeleria.

If you want to help us

If you wish to help us in our green effort during your time with us, here are some ideas:
Andalucía is an extremely dry region so literally, every drop counts! If you could limit your consumption of water during your stay we would be very grateful.
Guests are welcome to help us in our effort by using the big recycling bins at the front of the property where we separate our waste ready for recycling.
When travelling from outside Spain, should you decide to minimize your carbon foot print by reaching us by train, we will be happy to show our appreciation for your effort by offering a 15% discount on the cost of your stay at the centre.

Plans for the future

In the near future we plan to make Centro Punto de Luz even greener by increasing our solar panel capacity and installing a photovoltaic panels to produce our own electricity thus meaning we will be able to sell the surplus back to the grid.
We are researching how to produce our own bio-diesel, from used cooking oils, to run our little car.
In the food department, we are looking for local growers that can supply us with fresh organic produce at a reasonable cost, so that we can offer some organic foods to our guests.
During the winter months, when we don't have booking from groups, we would love to make good use of the great communal spaces we have by running free Reiki groups and other similar activities which would benefit our local community.